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Hot shrink packaging machine should be how to choose

Release Time:2017-09-13 14:09:22 View:6892

Hot shrink packaging machine should be how to choose
To choose their own heat shrinkable packaging machine and need to consider several aspects, and what is the specific, today MEG Xiaobian introduce shrink machine features:
First of all, we have to choose according to the size of the packaging products. First, we need to determine the type of shrink machine, then the second we need to determine is the model of the machine. Machine model is based on the size of the product to determine the size of the general shrinkage of the furnace to be around and up and down are greater than the product 10cm or so, so as to ensure that the product is very good through the shrinking machine.
Second is based on the output to choose models. Although after the front two we can shrink machine are identified, but such is not necessarily the most affordable, but also according to customer's production to final confirmation of this model is appropriate, if not suitable, then it should be more economical solutions.
Finally, according to the material to buy shrink. Packaging film market is broadly divided into three: POF, PVC and PE, for the three films, before the two can shrink with a shrinking machine, and PE film must shrink with it is the exclusive shrink machine, because the film is relatively thick, the heating temperature required is relatively high number.
This kind of packaging machinery can be reduced by 30% compared with the cost of carton packaging, shrink packaging machine, packaging is a very good prospect, at present already has a heat shrinkable packaging carton or pallet cartons completely replace half of these cases, but because of the current logistics management logistics environment compared to the domestic market and the international market is not mature therefore, heat shrinkable technology development in the domestic market to the international level there are still some obstacles, is expected in the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of heat shrinkable packaging technology and heat shrinkable film bearing capacity continues to improve, in a certain specification packaging, cuff shrink packaging machine can completely replace the carton or shrink half pallet box.
Heat shrink packaging machine, also known as heat shrink machine, the machine is mainly to heat as the principle, the film will be wrapped in the surface of the film shrinkage, so as to achieve the packaging of goods. Used in shrink wrap in the product or package outside, after heating the shrink film wrapped tight packaging of products or parts, fully display the appearance of items, increase the sale of products, increase in the appearance of the products at the same time can also is better for products quality guarantee period and safety protection. At the same time through the heat shrink and packaging products can be moisture, anti pollution, anti damage, etc., can be used in conjunction with the sealing device.