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General failure of vertical packing machine

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General failure of vertical packing machine
One, typing is not clear and without typing, production date:
1, the pressure is not or insufficient, less than the top position. 2, the ribbon has been used up, the vertical packaging machine automatic non-stop (see close to the position of the switch position). 3, check the ribbon every time the distance, distance is too close, typing is not clear or no typing, distance too far to waste ribbon. 4, put the elastic medium tension adjusting nut, ribbon pull too tight, too often affect the speed alarm. 5, vertical packing machine typing time adjustment (packaging touch screen) is not clear, can be less. 6, check whether the words are arranged neatly, high or low. 7, check whether the tightening or shedding of individual words of grain. 8, check whether the use of ribbons and no ink. 9, check the word grain and ribbon is a complex shift, up and down does not match, the words on the top of the ribbon. 10, check whether the rolled strip ribbon (remove printing ink ribbon for shedding in the circular shaft all ink.
Two, vertical sealing standards and not sealed:
1, sealing deformation
(1) the temperature is too high and the seal is not formed or melted. (2) the packing film is not aligned with the running edge.
2, check the temperature
(1) gradually warming can not stop. (2) to see if the heating board is in good condition. (3) to see if the knife seat position is moderate. (4) before and after the knife holder is a foreign body, clean up. (5) check whether the air pressure is normal. (6) to see if there is no folding phenomenon of the packaging film. (7) to see whether the tool carrier is smooth. (8) to see if the film is intact, whether it is super thick or not.
Three, vertical packaging machine point of light running, not into a standard bag:
1, to see whether the belt slipping phenomenon. 2, check whether the high temperature tape is intact. 3, check the bag collar is free of foreign matter. 4, look at the distance and position between the optical fiber and the packaging film. 5, to see whether the normal operation of the film motor. 6, after the mask is not tightened, falling deviation. 7, check the packaging film is normal. 8, check the fiber is the head of the foreign body. 9, check the optical amplifier reading is normal (normal for 9 digits). 10, check whether the fiber optic burns, light source is normal. 11, bag length is normal, whether the fiber control. 12, to see whether the belt slipping phenomenon.
Four, vertical packaging machine back to move back and forth, not standard time:
1, look at each gear wheel position before and after whether into a line, there is no clamping, wrinkle. 2, to see whether the vertical sealing position deviation. 3, see synchronization with the phenomenon of non pull partial film. 4, the tensioning roller has no swing. 5, there is no card film in the process of film. 6, the value of the seal temperature is too high. 7, to see whether the packaging film is intact, no loosening. 8, the value of the seal with a non stick knife phenomenon. 9, see the bag brace without card bag phenomenon. 10, look at the bag making process has no scraper phenomenon.