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The basic factors of affecting the double roll edge full automatic sealing machine

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The basic factors of affecting the double roll edge full automatic sealing machine
In the automatic sealing machine, the rolling roller, the top pressing head and the tray are usually called the three elements of the seal. The proper position of the roller and the reasonable position of the pressure head and the driving force of the tray is the necessary condition to ensure the normal sealing. It is not difficult to see that the three elements of the seal as the basic components of the sealing equipment, but also influence the basic factors of the double winding edge of the automatic sealing machine.
(1) in the process of rotary motion of a suitable rolling pressure, the sealing force of the rolling wheel groove is composed of three different directions of radial force, axial force and tangential force, and the force of the rolling force is composed of radial force, axial force and tangential force. The dandy roll seal force mainly for the tank body, cover the bending deformation of the surrounding material, the second sealing roll pressing force mainly for plastic deformation. The calculation of the two roll force is carried out by means of energy conservation and plastic deformation. General two seaming force for the first volume of the sealing capacity of 2 ~ 3 times.
In actual operation, the suitable package seal force is by rolling and sealing wheel, a pressure head and support, pots, plates between suitable with the position relationship (such as roller and the pressure head inside and outside the gap with adjustment).
(2) the groove shape and material requirements of the rolling wheel are generally speaking, and the sealing rollers with different can have different groove shapes. The first roller groove is generally deep and narrow, two wheel groove is wide and shallow. The sealing equipment commonly used roller much in carbon steel such as 45# 40Cr, short service life, production is limited only in 2289 tank; more advanced sealing equipment commonly used reel general 4Crl3, 9crl8 stainless steel by vacuum heat treatment, the high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life, of 10 million cans per year.
(3) the correct operation of the operator and the operator's skilled technical skills and operational level, as well as the necessary daily maintenance and maintenance is also a factor affecting the double roll edge full automatic sealing machine. For example, in the replacement of the tank type or the volume of the exception required to make the necessary adjustments, in addition to the necessary parts of the replacement, the correct and reasonable adjustment is also very important. General in the subiculum, pots, plates suitable driving force, first of all to check the breaker edge width value (2.20mm + 0.10 mm), and visual tank cover surrounding roll round elastic state, the edge of the second roll after to try to seal and then check appearance defects and the size of the process requirements, for different defects make the correct analysis and judgment of the adjustment after.